Roemerberg is a World famous and typical of frankfurt by its architecture and Roman skyline. Its 15th century City Council gave the place its name. Since the 9th Century, the place is known by its weekly markets, fairs, tournaments and festivals. It is also famous for being the place of execution and the place of coronation for the royal family, and the most beautiful place in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation in the 16th Century. The east side of the square, opposite to Römer is known as the Ostzeile where the row of six picturesque half-timbered houses are the reconstructions of the original 15th and 16th century houses, most of which were rebuilt or expanded in the 18th century. In March of 1944 bombardments flattened the whole historic district, including the Römerberg.

Some of the historic buildings, like the Römer, were reconstructed soon after the war. The Ostzeile however wasn’t rebuilt until 1981-1983 when the houses were reconstructed following historical models.